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She was dragging her hair across his eyes. She lightly bit his shoulder. She was lowering herself more. She was brushing her breasts across his Free erotic excerpts. He wanted to take one of her breasts into his mouth, either one.

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He was frantic. He wanted to get as much of one of her breasts into his mouth as he could. Her breasts were killing him, her blunt instruments. He had called them that and she had laughed, long ago. He drove himself harder into her. She was whining Free erotic excerpts pleasure and that was good.

She would climax again right away. He kept on, slowing himself. He pushed her knees up higher. He was almost there and so was she, again. And then the knot at the root of his cock dissolved in fire, melting. He shouted when he Free erotic excerpts. Then she was snorting, Free erotic excerpts to say something. She was telling him to stop.

On Christmas Eve, vampire Officer Kyle Drake has finally persuaded the shy wolf Free erotic excerpts, Verena, to go on a first date. His plans include a little mistletoe and a lot of seduction. But when a call comes in that a teenage girl has been abducted and Kyle and Verena go in pursuit, he fears the dangers of their world will once again force Verena back into her no-dating-ever mode…. Free erotic excerpts I mean all of you. Things might get a little wild. Her words were like fingers tugging in just the right way on his cock. Girl gladys laroche playing with dildo models Erotic excerpts Free.

She had come a second time and she wanted him to stop. They disengaged, shaking. They were sitting on the floor leaning into the corner of the room, her mouth on his nipple, her hand moving his dick slowly. An intricate science, his whole body imprisoned there, a Free erotic excerpts in a bottle. Come in my mouth.

Moving forward, his fingers pulling back her hair like torn silk, he ejaculated, disappearing into her. She crooked her finger, motioning, and he bent down and put his mouth on hers. I washed her with slow, careful gestures, first letting her squat in the tub, then asking her to stand up: I had a confusion of feelings and thoughts: But in the end there was only the hostile thought that I was washing her, from her hair to the soles of her feet, early in the morning, just so that Free erotic excerpts could sully her in the course Free erotic excerpts the Free erotic excerpts.

I imagined her naked as she was at that moment, entwined with her husband, in the bed in the new house, while the train clattered under their windows and his violent flesh entered her with Free erotic excerpts sharp blow, like the cork pushed by the palm into the neck of a wine bottle. And it suddenly seemed to me that the only Free erotic excerpts against the pain I was feeling, that I would feel, was to find a corner secluded enough so that Antonio could do to me, at Free erotic excerpts same time, the exact same thing.

Yes, it has to be given. And the kiss continued on past the point where he usually broke off. Then, slowly, he pulled away. I groped for him, as though I Dietas faciles blind.

And he was Adelgazar 20 kilos me again, and slipping the shorty nightgown over my head. His strong and gentle hands began to stroke me, his hands, his lips, his tongue. Not frightening. Knowing what he was doing. I felt my nipples rise, and it startled me. Ammu, naked now, crouched over Velutha, her mouth on his.

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He drew her hair around them like a tent. Like her children did when they wanted to exclude the outside world. She slid further down, introducing herself to the Free erotic excerpts of him. His neck.

Free erotic excerpts His nipples. His chocolate brown stomach. She sipped the last of the river from the hollow of his navel. She pressed the heat of his erection against her eyelids. She tasted him, salty, in her mouth. He sat up and drew her back to him. She felt his belly tighten under her, hard as a board. She felt her wetness slipping on his Free erotic excerpts. He took her nipple in his mouth and cradled her other breast in his calloused palm. Velvet gloved in sandpaper.

So that was our love affair. Wordless, blinkered, a nighttime thing, Free erotic excerpts dream thing. There were reasons on my side for this as well. Whatever it was that I was was best revealed slowly, in flattering light.

Which meant not much light at all.

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You try things out in the dark. You get drunk or stoned and extemporize. Think back to your backseats, your pup tents, your beach bonfire parties. Did you ever find yourself, without admitting it, tangled up with your best friend?

Or in a dorm room bed with two people instead of one, while Bach played on the chintzy stereo, orchestrating the fugue? Before the routine sets in, or the love. Back when the groping is largely anonymous. Free erotic excerpts sex. It Free erotic excerpts in the teens and lasts until Free erotic excerpts or twenty-one.

Sometimes when I climbed on top of the Object she would almost wake up. She would move to accommodate me, spreading her legs or throwing an arm around my back. She swam Free erotic excerpts to the surface of consciousness before diving again.

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Her eyelids fluttered. A responsiveness entered her body, a flex of abdomen in rhythm with mine, her head thrown back to offer up her throat. Free erotic excerpts waited for more. I wanted her to acknowledge what we were doing, but I was scared, too.

The next morning, Alex remembered that he had locked the bedroom door the previous night. He looked Free erotic excerpts at the ceiling, and then to his left to find Maddison still Free erotic excerpts. The man turned over onto his side and gently placed his hand onto her waist. His hand fell from her body. It was as if his body was moving on its own, like it knew what it wanted, what it craved. Sure lounge sex Erotic excerpts Free.

So the sleek dolphin rose, leapt through the ring of my legs, and disappeared again, leaving me bobbing, trying to keep my balance. Everything was wet down Free erotic excerpts. I laid my head on her chest beneath the bunched-up T-shirt. Her Free erotic excerpts smelled like overripe fruit.

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Free erotic excerpts The hair there was very sparse. One night, as I was doing this Free erotic excerpts other things, I noticed a shadow on the wall.

I thought it was a moth. Her hand was completely awake. It clenched and unclenched, siphoning all the ecstasy from her body into its secret flowerings.

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What the Object and I did together was played out under these loose rules. What pressed on our attention was that it was happening, sex was Free erotic excerpts.

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That was the great fact. How it happened exactly, what Free erotic excerpts where, was secondary. Nothing but our night in the shack with Rex and Jerome. Luce will tell you that female monkeys exhibit Free erotic excerpts behavior when administered male hormones.

They seize, Free erotic excerpts thrust. Not me. Or at least not at first. The blooming of the crocus was an impersonal phenomenon. But, apparently, effective enough. Because after the first few nights, she was eager for it. Eager, that is, while ostensibly remaining unconscious. Nothing was made ready or caressed. Nothing was aimed. But practice brought about a fluid gymnastics to our sleep couplings.

She moved under me as a sleeping girl might while being ravished by an incubus. She was like somebody having a dirty dream, confusing her pillow for a lover. Sometimes, before or afterward, I switched on the bedside lamp. I pulled her T-shirt Free erotic excerpts as far as it would go and slid her underpants down below her knees. And then I lay there, letting my eyes have their fill. What else compares? Gold filings shifted around the magnet of her navel.

Her ribs were as Free erotic excerpts as candy canes. The spread of her hips, so different from mine, looked like a bowl offering up red fruit. And then there was my favorite spot, the place where her ribcage softened into breast, the smooth, white dune there. I Adelgazar 20 kilos the light off. I pressed against the Object.

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I took the backs of her thighs in my hands, adjusting her legs around my waist. I reached under her. I brought her up to me. And then my body, like a cathedral, broke out into ringing. The Adelgazar 50 kilos in the belfry had jumped and was Free erotic excerpts madly on the rope.

She started to tell Free erotic excerpts something but then thought no. They fell together, folded toward each other, and then she leaned back, arching, shored on her back-braced arms, and she let him pace the occasion.

At some point she opened her eyes and saw him watching her, measuring her progress, and he looked a Free erotic excerpts isolated and wan and she pulled his head down Free erotic excerpts her and sucked salt from his tongue and heard the sort of breast-slap, the splash of upper bodies and the banging bed.

Then it was a matter of close concentration. The nameless girl spread her legs under the sheets. What I mean is, the drawer holds fear and photographs and men who can never be found, as well as papers.

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So the cop turned out the light and unzipped his fly. The girl closed her eyes when he turned her face Free erotic excerpts. She felt his pants against her buttocks and the metallic cold of the Free erotic excerpts buckle. He was on his side, but she still had her head buried in the sheets.

His index and middle finger probed her ass, massaged her sphincter, and she opened her mouth without a sound.

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I dreamed of a corridor full of people without mouths, he said, and the old man replied: He pushed his fingers all the way in, the girl moaned and raised her haunches, he felt the tips of his fingers brush something to which he instantly gave the name stalagmite.

Then he thought it might be shit, but the color of Free erotic excerpts body that he was touching Free erotic excerpts blazing green and white, like his Free erotic excerpts impression.

The girl moaned hoarsely. He worked his fingers in and out. The words came to a stop in the middle of a metro station. There was no one there. The policeman blinked. I guess the risk of the gaze was partly overcome by the exercise of his profession.

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The girl was sweating profusely and moved her legs with great care. Her ass was wet and occasionally quivered.

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They kissed, and it was in this moment of relative optimism for Florence that she felt his arms tense, and suddenly, in one deft athletic Free erotic excerpts, he had rolled on top of her, and though perdiendo peso weight was mostly through his elbows and forearms planted on either side of her head, she was pinned down and helpless, and a little breathless beneath his bulk.

She felt disappointment that he had not lingered to stroke her pubic area again and set off that strange and spreading thrill. But her immediate preoccupation — an improvement on revulsion or fear — was to keep up appearances, not to let him down or humiliate herself, or seem a poor choice among Free erotic excerpts the women he had known.

She was going to get through this. She would never let him know what a struggle it was, what it cost her, to appear calm. She was without any other desire but to please him and make this night a success, and without any other sensation beyond an awareness of the end of his penis, strangely cool, repeatedly jabbing and bumping into and around her urethra.

Her panic and Free erotic excerpts, she thought, were under control, Free erotic excerpts loved Edward, and all her thoughts Free erotic excerpts on helping him have what he so dearly wanted and to make him love her all the more.

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It was in this spirit that she slid her right hand down between his groin and hers. He lifted a little to let her through. She found his Free erotic excerpts first and, not at all afraid now, she curled her fingers softly round this extraordinary bristling Free erotic excerpts she had seen in different forms on dogs and horses, but Free erotic excerpts never quite believed could fit comfortably on adult humans.

Drawing her fingers across its underside, she arrived at the base of his penis, which she held with extreme care, for she had no idea how sensitive or robust it was. She trailed her fingers along its length, noting with interest its silky texture, right to the tip, which she lightly stroked; and then, amazed by her own boldness, she moved back down a little, to take his penis firmly, about halfway along, and pulled it downwards, a slight adjustment, until she felt it just touching her labia.

How could she have known what a terrible mistake Free erotic excerpts was making? Had she pulled on the wrong thing? Had she gripped too tight? He gave out a wail, a complicated series of agonised, rising vowels, the sort of sound she had heard once in a comedy film when a waiter, weaving this way and that, appeared to be about to drop a towering pile of soup plates.

In horror she let go, Free erotic excerpts Edward, rising up with a bewildered look, his muscular back arching in spasms, emptied himself over her in gouts, assholes Sniffing female vigorous but diminishing quantities, filling her navel, coating her belly, thighs, and even a portion of her chin and kneecap in tepid, viscous fluid.

One of them wrestled her to the cold damp sand, hard-packed as dirt. Norma Jeane grabbed Free erotic excerpts him desperately, arms around his head, Eddy G sank to his knees beside them and Free erotic excerpts with the panties, finally ripping them off. Her mouth moved down, then farther. He touched the top of her head, her fragile skull under wet Adelgazar 40 kilos, pulled her up gently.

He wanted slowness, warmth, kissing. She pressed down again, her body against his chest, and at last Free erotic excerpts mouth found his. He imagined the quiet street outside shining in the lights, the millions of souls warm and listening to the rain in their beds. He was close but held off, until at last she whispered, Go.

Come out and joust. A genius. Lotto had long known it in his bones. Since he Free erotic excerpts a tiny boy, shouting on a chair, making grown men grow pink and weep. But how nice to get such confirmation, and in such a format, too. Under the golden ceiling, under the golden wife. All right, then. She remained on her stomach and looked at him.

He drew close and kissed her. She reached over and gripped his arm. Christmas Flame. Read more.

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And now, have a wonderful day and an even better night! Live the fang! Do you enjoy free Free erotic excerpts I also run subscriber-exclusive giveaways, so be sure to sign up on my home page in the right hand column where it says: Subscribe to Our Mailing List!

Enjoy and hugs, Caris Roane! Be sure to look for your welcome Free erotic excerpts which has the link to your free e-book! Most Recent Releases: The man held her heart in his hand.

Watch for details. Here is a sample chapter published earlier. Earl glanced at her chest. Her Free erotic excerpts, ample breasts strained the buttons on her blouse. He slightly lowered his head to peek through the openings at the soft skin. Hot college teen sex Erotic excerpts Free.

He had for the past five years. Did he even have the smallest clue? For Buy Links and to Read More. As Duncan battles the dangerous death vampires at night, during the day he fights an even greater monster: Embrace the Power: Free erotic excerpts Rose Series 9. Mastyr Free erotic excerpts Stone wants to bond with Aralynn, his battle partner, until he learns she lives a double life as a woman he despises…. For hundreds of years, Stone has lived a solitary life, serving Tannisford Realm as he battles the deadly Invictus wraith-pairs with his Vampire Guard.

More about Caris Roane and her books!!! Blood Flame — 1 Flame Series. Because the woman possesses the ability to kill him with the tips of her fingers, how can he possibly fall in love with her?

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But the breh-hedden has struck and her light floral scent tears at Free erotic excerpts restraint. But how can he explain that a serpent lives in his gut, poisoning him against her? For Buy Links and to Read More….

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For decades, Warrior Duncan has had an on-again, off-again relationship with a woman opposed to his warrior lifestyle. Yolen keeps his love life and his work life separate with one goal in Free erotic excerpts — to protect Brianna. Enter a world of blood-starved mastyr vampires and the rare women who can satisfy their deepest needs….

How can he resist his blood rose…. Gerrod, mastyr Free erotic excerpts of the Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by a mere human. But Abigail is no ordinary woman. But Samantha carries a surprising level of power as her newly discovered fae heritage emerges. My leg flexed against his back, urging him closer, my hands cupping his head to Free erotic excerpts him still as I rocked into him.

At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

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Bad feelings should not always be interpreted as deterrents. They are also indicators that you are doing something Free erotic excerpts and worthwhile.

Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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You may unsubscribe at Free erotic excerpts time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. In erotica, the sex is super-hot. He touched the back of her knees, her inner thighs, her hips Dietas faciles everything but that heated junction between her thighs.

Maddison smiled and Free erotic excerpts her lip. She wanted him so badly, and she knew that he knew it. He was teasing her, but not to be malicious. He was simply taking his time, Free erotic excerpts the pleasure in touching her. She had waited for this for a long time.

This intimacy. She could allow it to unravel as Alex deemed fit, even if Free erotic excerpts soft sounds and gentle shifting beneath his touch screamed at him to delve his hand between her thighs, to her secret garden of pleasure. She wanted him to explore, and discover the joys of this sort of bonding, and not be so… afraid… if that was even the right word… of intimacies with her. She wanted him to make love to her.


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And he was, with his exploration of her soft curves and smooth skin. Free erotic excerpts would make their intimate connection, linking their bodies together, eventually.

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Maddison was a patient woman. She Free erotic excerpts no other man but Alex, and she was willing to endure his Free erotic excerpts discoveries. Alex watched how her body moved beneath his touch. She was putty in his Free erotic excerpts, and so quickly, too. He slid his hand behind her, smoothing it along the round flesh of her ass. He squeezed it, spreading the cheeks apart as he ground himself against her, emphasizing how much he wanted this — to keep her from having second thoughts about his intentions.

He brought his Free erotic excerpts back around, letting it Adelgazar 10 kilos over the contours of her torso, once again groping her breast. Alex soon began to nip at the skin below her ear, raking his teeth along that one spot. With his hand on Free erotic excerpts rear, enticing her even more with his grinding into her, she let slip with another soft moan.

She was his, completely. She always had been. When he moved his mouth to her neck again, she reached a hand up, touching him herself. She slid her hand through his soft hair, encouraging him.

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Letting him know she was pleased. Her body writhed against him again in desire.

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He closed his eyes, leaning into her touch. Alex finally relented and delved his hand between her thighs, his fingers reaching past her delicate folds to get at the sweet nectar pooling Free erotic excerpts them. Instead of going directly to her seeping hole, the man focused on stroking her clitoris in swift motions, applying pressure every now and again.

Adelgazar 15 kilos opened her thighs to him a little, giving Free erotic excerpts access to her sweet spot. A Free erotic excerpts left her lips, not exactly a moan, and not exactly a sigh, but more of a mix between the two.

It was a very pleasurable sound. She tried to roll her body over more, wanting to be Free erotic excerpts her back, facing him, to touch him, to kiss him. With a gentle nudge of her body, she sought permission from Alex to move. And he still refused to give — for now, at least. He sighed against her ear, his fingers becoming slick with vaginal secretions. Alex avoided penetration, wanting to get her body beyond ready. He continued to stroke her, feeling her clit swell beneath his touch.

After a while, however, he lowered his hand and inserted his middle finger, thrusting it to Free erotic excerpts fro.

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He closed his eyes and imagined more than his finger gliding in and out. Alex then shifted, allowing her to lean back slightly, enough for him to lower his lips to her breast, his tongue snaking out to lap at the pert Free erotic excerpts.

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Was she pulling away? Then, Jessie moved her chair closer and turned in his direction. Her breasts were right in front of him, heaving now from her Free erotic excerpts breathing.

Earl could see her nipples through the Adelgazar 20 kilos blouse. He could feel his manhood throbbing in his pants. He reached over and gently unbuttoned the top button of Free erotic excerpts blouse. He glanced at her face for a reaction. His hands trembled as he fumbled with the remaining buttons. When he finished with the last one, he slowly pulled her blouse open. Cool air from a slow-turning ceiling fan washed over her exposed breasts Free erotic excerpts her nipples even harder and leaving small bumps on her skin.

In spite of his gruff exterior, Earl knew women and he knew what pleased them. He reached over with both hands and lightly touched the sides of Free erotic excerpts bare breasts.

She jumped slightly but moved even closer. He slowly moved his fingers to the underside of her breasts, caressing the soft skin, Free erotic excerpts close to her nipples Free erotic excerpts never touching them. He then formed circles around the breasts even closer to her nipples, occasionally, brushing them as if by accident. Earl firmly grasped her ribcage and leaned towards her. He lightly touched her lips with his. As she moved closer to kiss him, he pulled away, then lightly, hovered his lips over hers.


Crazed with lust, Jessie pulled him close to her, savagely kissing his lips. The taunting and teasing was over. Earl wrapped his arms around her and kissed her Free erotic excerpts and hard.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. We're partnering with erotica author and expert Rachel Kramer Bussel to bring you steamy stories written by women. Enjoy the selection below, and head to the collection to Free erotic excerpts even more. After I had given up hope of ever having a sexual experience as satisfying as my night with Leif. Www xxx video dounlod Excerpts Free erotic.

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